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Remember Minnesota?

Remember that 17 goals game that went in overtime in the second round between Chicago and Minnesota? This time only 15 goals were scored... only 15!!! The Maple Leafs took a 2-1 lead in the Avco Cup final with an 8-7 overtime victory against the Black Hawks. Mike Bossy scored the winner at 6:34 of the overtime, his 6th goal of the playoffs. Réal Cloutier scored his 12th and 13th, Wayne Dillon recorded four points, Jacques Richard, Rick Middleton (10th goal) and Mike Bossy have three points each. For Chicago, Gerry Teeple recorded four points, he now have 23 (record is 30). Wayne Merrick have a goal and two assists. Seven goals were scored in the second period, five of them in the first half of the period.

Chicago mobs Toronto

After a surprising 3-0 to the Maple Leafs, the Black Hawks came back with a radical 7-1 victory to tie the Avco Cup final 1-1. Dennis Abgrall (2 goals), Gerry Teeple and Dave Gardner have three points each with Chicago, Dave Elenbaas only faced 15 shots for his 8th win of the playoffs.

Herron and Bossy amazingly surprise the Hawks

Mike Bossy scored all the Maple Leafs goals while Denis Herron gave nothing to the Black Hawks in a 3-0 victory. Herron made 24 saves for his 9th win of the playoffs, Real Cloutier and Serge Beaudoin have two assists each. For Bossy, who was having some pretty quiet playoffs so far, scored his 3rd, 4th and 5th. Bossy scored all three goals within 3 minutes in the third period, a new playoff record.

The O's will meet for the 11th Avco Cup Final

For the first time ever in the WHAS, Toronto and Chicago will meet for the Avco Cup, it is also a first final for the Maple Leafs, last year the Black Hawks lost in six games against the Jets.

Al Hamilton scored at 3:48 of the overtime to give the Black Hawks a 4-3 victory against the North Stars to win the series in seven games. Teeple, Gardner and Abgrall also scored for Chicago who was leading 3-1 after two periods. Mike Antonovitch scored the Stars fisr goal in the first and they came back in the third with two goals to tie the game 3-3. Jim Harrison put the game 3-2 Hawks until Bob Guindon silenced the crowd with the tying goal at 19:40 in the third. Dave Elenbaas made 25 saves for his 7th win, Michel Dion lost his first game in that final with Minnesota (3-1), he blocked 29 shots.

In Toronto, Wayne Dillon scored two goals to propel the Leafs toward their first final by defeating the Canadiens 4-2. Serge Beaudoin and Réal Cloutier (11th) also scored for Toronto. Glenn Anderson and Wayne Greztky scored for Montréal. The Habs only shot 17 times on Denis Herron who gets his 8th win of the playoffs (8-3), Richard Brodeur (7-6) blocked 28 shots for the Canadiens. It's the first time since 1981 (Phoenix vs Winnipeg) that a team comes back from trailing 1-3 to win the series.

The final will begin Friday night in Chicago.

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WHAS Leaders
Player GP Pts
G.TEEPLE(Haw) 14 23
R.CLOUTIER(Lea) 15 21
W.DILLON(Lea) 15 21
R.MIDDLETON(Lea) 15 20
W.MERRICK(Haw) 16 19

WHAS Scorers
Player GP G
R.CLOUTIER (Lea) 15 13
R.MIDDLETON (Lea) 15 10
W.MERRICK (Haw) 16 10
W.DILLON (Lea) 15 9
D.ABGRALL (Haw) 16 8

Player of the Week

Mike Antonovitch
Minnesota North Stars

Player of the Month

Wayne Gretzky
Montréal Canadiens

Goalie of the Month

Richard Brodeur
Montréal Canadiens

Rookie of the Month

Doug Gilmour
Ottawa Nationals